Aligning the look&voice with the professionalism


a systems engineering company, Miercurea Ciuc


Kubit Studio


rebrand, website design & implementation, communication strategy


SecoPlan is a Miercurea Ciuc-based engineering company that focuses on electrical, mechanical, plumbing engineering and implementation of various electrical and heating systems. 
After several years of continuous activity, they felt the need for a coherent and professional-looking visual identity that followed the high standards of the services they were committed to offer.
Their mission is to deconstruct the negative stereotypes of the workers in this industry and to show the professional & adventurous side of their job. The purpose of their new identity was to build around this message and strengthen their image not just towards potential partners but as a strong employer brand.


Understanding the market, as in most cases, we began with in-depth research that assessed the position, communication, services, and brand promise of local and international competitors.

In line with the spirit of management and team, it was important for Secoplan to design a youthful, vibrant and professionally credible image and voice attractive to investors, and partners and to young job-seeking engineers and professional workers.


The average person thinks of a gas fitter as a carved man in torn clothes. This profession is not particularly valued in the eyes of either potential clients or potential employees. With its operating model, Secoplan aims to overcome category prejudices on both the customer and the potential employee. The repositioning of the company in the market of civil engineering companies was based on this principle.

When designing the brand, we chose shapes and colors that are in line with the accuracy of the engineering design, but also emphasize the vibrancy and freshness. In designing their visual identity system one of the most important aspects was to be able to offer creative solutions on a variety of different surfaces (uniforms stationary, cars) in order to have a “full suite” professional look for the whole team from office to the construction site. The website was designed with simplicity in mind, its primary purpose is to present the company and its portfolio to potential customers.

We designed the company’s communication to reach these two target audiences and a brand voice that aligns professionalism, openness and just a hint of humor, in order to represent their authentic team spirit.