A branding studio that combines creative curiosity and strategic thinking to create brands that change minds.

We are an interdisciplinary team of makers: strategists, designers, storytellers, builders, coders and filmmakers. We help brands find their voice, see anew and deliver. We believe that a brand is a promise, that design is responsibility and that talk is cheap without a strategy.


#1 We explore, we play, we experiment. We take the longer way to find out what works and what doesn’t.

#2 We like challenges. We hope you like them too, because sometimes we won’t agree with you.

#3 We only do projects we also believe in, projects that respond to the relevant problems of people.

#4 We believe that partnership and mutual trust gets the best results.


#1 We explore the context: quite often we spend more time understanding the question than finding the answer. We understand your audience, and the factors that matter to them. We understand your culture, the environment you operate in. We challenge your assumptions.

#2 We develop the brand’s core: we ask and twist and revisit your perspectives to find your brand’s true value and promise. On a more philosophical level: we help you define who you are and why you exist.

#3 We create: The name. The message. The visual identity. Down to every single detail, every single meeting point we design what your customer sees, hears and feels when they interact with you.

#4 We activate your brand and engage your customers in a dialogue. We define destinations and plan the paths. We connect the dots and help you to create impact.

Stirring up trouble
- but mostly brands - in Cluj since 2016.

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