The meal-planning app that's here to save the planet one potato at a time


Client name: Oh, a potato!


brand story, visual identity, animation, UI kit


"One day, while sorting through our pantry, we found an old potato with sprouted roots. This was a lightbulb moment. That potato was a perfect analogy for our overlooked and forgotten ingredients – full of potential yet neglected. It symbolised our habit of buying ingredients with good intentions but letting them go to waste.

Our app is designed to help families like ours reduce food waste by making smarter shopping choices and utilising what they already have. It's more than a menu planner; it's a tool to change the way we all think about and use our food."


The visual language and the brand's tone of voice builds on the value proposition itself: a simple ingredient can be so many things. We know what you are thinking: a boring potato. But it’s one resourceful potato with many personalities. At the end of the day, tha app is trying to convince you not to waste food - in questionable ways:

“Heeeey, a potato” The weirdly excited potato, just jumping right to it. 

“Ooooh, a potato” The laid-back potato, that just wants to get boiled.

“Weeee, a potato” The crazy potato, here to fulfil his true purpose: get sliced, smashed or baked. 

“Mmmm, a potato” The overly positive potato, flirting his way into your pan.”

We strongly believe that every forgotten potato deserves a chance to shine, whether it's mashed, baked, or fried. 


We were aiming to build a true brand personality that is reflected in the visual idenity, in the brand's tone of voice, and the UI design itself. We have built different personalities and a direct voice, the voice in your head that is slightly ironic and conving, but also funny and sympathetic

The brand's personality is reflected in app store assets, animations, and the user interface of the application - to achieve a seamless brand experience.