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Hellen's Rock

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visual identity, website


Founded by the strategist entrepreneur, Sacha Dragic, Hellen’s Rock is an investment management firm set on the mission to “invest in inspiration”. Their investments are driven by their overarching aim of inspiring and improving the lives of current and future generations. 

They needed a visual identity that represented the Dragic family’s values.


The resilience of a mountain, the challenge of a mountain top, the feeling of adventure, on a metaphorical level bring forth the core values of Hellen’s Rock brand:

#impact #empowerment #resilience #trust


The logo is a wordmark, with a subtle reference in its negative space to the mountain, emphasising the mountain top by swapping the apostrophe in the spelling of the brand name. The upward-facing arrow, a positive symbol, moving forward, showing direction, guidance. 

To give an elegant touch to the printed materials, we highlighted the mountain symbol with the selective varnishing technique.

The website represents in a single elegant page the most important values and information about the brand.