Designing identity for the “child” of a brand


Delikates Accessories
a fashion design atelier launching a collection for children


Naming, branding, ongoing brand management


Delikates Accessories, also branded by us, is a local fashion atelier in Miercurea Ciuc, Romania, dedicated to creating handcrafted accessories (hip bags, backpacks, coats and wallets) that blend style with functionality.

As the idea of a children's collection first came up, the challenge was to find the harmony between the two brands, to make the children’s collection independent and at the same time organically related to the “mother-brand”.


The starting point was the tone of Delikates Accessories which already contains an amount of playfulness in its designs and communication

Together with the designers from the Delikates Accessories we found a name for the new sub-brand. The word “Deli” is a cute and shortened version of the Delikates, well-known for the brand’s target audience.


When creating the new sub-brand's visual identity, we kept in mind that the two logos have to work together because this is the leading brand's child-brand. As in the beginning, the two brands have the same website and communication channels. 

The playfulness of the logo reflects the tagline of the brand: there’s always time to play. Deli Kids produces children’s clothes made of softshell, a very resistant and comfortable material, personalised with the designs created by the creative team of Delikates, so the clothes are both playful and resistant as well. 

As designers created the first clothes for their kids, the DeliKids brand should look like the mature/adult Delikates brand's child version. 

To help strengthen the awareness of the new collection beside the already established Delikates brand, we created mascots from the letters of the new logo (KIDS) used both offline (on labels, thank you notes) and online (eg. brand awareness campaigns where we asked for children to draw different animals based on the letters of the logo).