mastering time management on different platforms


a start-up with a hybrid tool


Kubit Studio


visual identity, product design


Allyourtime is a startup based in Cluj-Napoca set out on the mission to create a hybrid tool that integrates handwritten note taking and digital time management. Their idea was to develop a notebook together with an app that can recognize and digitize handwritten notes and help you organize your notes, meetings and reminders and thus manage time more efficiently. 

They entrusted us to create the visual identity of the brand, including the product design: the user interface of the app and the notebook itself. 

To build a functional product we had to take into consideration many aspects. We needed to clarify how the notebook can stand out in terms of quality and design? How can we make the application easy to use? And can we create a visual identity system that complements both the digital and the handwritten mediums?


One of the most important aspects of this brand was the innovation of connecting the paperback notebook and the digital tool. We wanted to create a notebook that is compatible with the app but also feels and looks like a high quality, standalone notebook, that encourages handwriting. When creating the brand identity we wanted to find the right balance between seriousness and freedom. We also wanted to make sure that the brand identity works well both on the digital and the paperback platforms.


The name, allyourtime, was already given so we needed to find a visual identity that highlights the startup’s philosophy regarding one simple notion of time management: finding time for what really matters

We did make use of the most evident symbolistic of time: the image of the clock, reduced to the simplest form, the pointers.. They create space in the minimalistic logotype, and they also resemble an open book.

The subtle frames create invisible borders. With these frames we connected function with aesthetics: the frames are the key symbols for the app to recognize a page from the notebook, but they are also an integral part of the logo and the visual identity.

To keep  simplicity we decided to use a restricted color palette: light blue, black, white and two variations of grey. The blue and the grey colors contribute to the serious aspect but they also imply handwriting with pen or pencil.

These colors also relate to the urban nuances of mornings and dusks - the time on the logo is set at 9:05. In the morning, it is a great time to plan your day and in the afternoon, it is ideal to reflect on it - the notebook can help you with both.

While creating the notebook we kept in mind the user experience at every step. Together with the client and possible production partners, we created several prototypes and tested them before arriving at the final version: we tested different designs, paper and usability. The pages are dotted to help structuring the notes but also to give you the freedom to draw or scribble and take notes more freely, in every direction. The frames and other symbols were devised to help the integration of the handwritten notes with the functionality of the app (categorize, share, archive your notes etc.)

The little icons in the notebook were devised to facilitate communication with the app.