Visual identity concept in line with the interior design

Client info

MÁV Hungary, Utasellátó Franchise


Architecture, interior design: UrbanPM

Services provided

Visual identity, packaging design


We were approached by the UrbanPM architecture firm, designing the interiors of the new Utasellátó locales (Passenger Catering Services), to work closely on a visual identity concept that integrates with their interior design.

“Salami sandwich, Bambi in buckled bottles and the ominous chocolate bar “Utasellátó“ wrapped into cellophane. Only a few of the delicacies with which the passengers of the trains on the way to Balaton or Miskolc could satisfy their hunger. Join the nostalgia ride!”More on the history of the “Utasellátó” on Hype&Hyper.


Utasellátó had a rebrand some years ago. The logo was given, it just needed a little context: we integrated it in a dynamic and friendly visual system building on some of the existing elements of the logo and the feeling of nostalgia of rail travel: stripes reminding us of railway lines and “traveling” dots as meeting points in this space. The pattern, used on different scales, provides playful possibilities to design for different surfaces. 

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The visual identity has many different applications in the space, from wayfinding to tiny details like the curtains, and a full catering package consisting of the price and name tags, to-go packaging for food and beverages, menu boards and booklets.

Each element had to reflect warmth and friendliness, hence the original blue brand color was complemented with warm hues like brown, yellow and red that reflect the cosynes of the interior design, reminding us of the smell of the first coffee and croissant in the morning. The overall effect provides a cheerful, clean and friendly atmosphere.

Disclaimer: The Utasellátó logo, trademark and brand name are the property of their respective owners.